Accommodation costs

High season:

(Minimal stay 7 nights)

Whole villa: € 1599 per week (Max 10 people*)

Apartement: €1549 per week (Max 4 people*)


Low season:

(Minimal stay 4 nights)

Whole Villa     :  € 969,- per week (Max  10 persons*)
Apartement     :  € 829,- per week (Max  4 persons*)


The apartment is rented separately in the early and late season. With the rental of an apartment, the other apartments are  NOT  rented out.   You NEVER share the villa with other / unknown people.

* A baby cot is available on request free of charge. The baby can stay on top of the maximum occupancy. (For example 10p + baby for whole Villa)

Cleaning costs

€ 75 per stay


You will receive a € 50 credit for electricity per week for the entire Villa.

You will receive a € 20 credit for electricity per week for the the apartement.

The credit is already included in the rent and is more than enough with normal use. Do you prefer the air conditioning on the whole day then that is no problem. For extra costs you can purchase additional credit cards with the keyholder if the credit you have received is exhausted. Then an extra charge of €10,- for bringing and loading the credit is mandatory. Remainder on the credit cards will NOT be refunded at the end of the stay.


For each stay a mandatory deposit of € 450, – applies.

The deposit will be fully refunded to the tenant’s account if the keyholder has established that no damage has occurred to the house during your stay and there was no excessive water use during your stay. Withdrawal of (a part of the) deposit will be communicated to you, stating the reason for the deduction. If possible, a photo annex of the observed damage will be added.

Rent Jacuzzi

There is also a jacuzzi at the villa. It is NOT included in the rental. Are you interested in the jacuzzi? Its possible for an additional charge of €39,- per day. You are not required to rent the jacuzzi as long as the house. The minimum rental period of the jacuzzi is 7 days, also if your stay is shorter. 

If you have rented the jacuzzi, it will be prepared before your arrival. You only have to press the start button to enjoy a relaxed moment. Filling, keeping the water quality and keeping the jacuzzi up to temperature is arranged for you by the key holder.


                                       Extra service: 

Shopping service:

For an additional charge of only € 20, you can provide a shopping list before arrival. The groceries you specified will be present on your arrival at the property. You then pay the cost of the groceries to the key holder. The surcharge of € 20 is added to the total price of your rental period if you have checked the shopping service option in the booking process.

If you have indicated during the booking process that you wish to use the shopping service, the lessor will indicate the date for which you must submit your shopping list. For all specified products, the purchases are made at 1 supermarket.

You may indicate a preference for a brand with a product, but due to supply and different brands and products in Spain, this request can only be met if the brand in question is present. Otherwise, a replacement brand is purchased. Products purchased for you can NOT be taken back. Settlement of groceries purchased for you must take place immediately upon arrival and the transfer of the house keys with the key holder.


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